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Our Products

Our Production as below please check our products…

– Kesar
– Ratnagari Hafus
– Jumbo Kesar
– Langdo
– Amrutbaug
– Dusheri
– Rajapuri
– Vastara
– Amrapali and flower plant grafted branches.

Our Speciality

– Efficient workers of varieties of mango trees and scientific way to make grafted branches.

– Good price and best quality.

– Identical grafted branches from mother-tree.

– Diseases and bacteria free healthy choice of grafted branches.

– Govt. Approved certified subsidy approved grafted branches.

– Vast choice of grafted branches as per your requirement.


"The thing I like most regarding "Sumit Baug" is the farming technique they are using. I would like to tell all Mango Farmers to follow them."

—Apoorva Pandya

"Service is the best thing in the current market and "Sumit Baug" has provided me the best service regarding getting best Mango ever in my life."

—Rahul Patel (M.D.Cintex.Ind)

"They are proficient in their work. I wanted a Graft of Mango tree and they provided best Mango graft and I will have a good tree at my farm."

—Mukesh Mehta

" I like the work 'Sumit Baug' is doing regarding the nature and the fruits. I am very happy to have the site online because all others will also know about the real nature and fruits."

—Raksha Khadke (Member Of Parliament, India)